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Here you can download fonts and midi files for your use.These are files that you can download for personal use. These are a collection we have put together over the years of the darker type fonts and midi sounds

Also we have the Cemetary Photo Gallery from our collection of photos taken of tombs and gravesites. most of these are photos taken at cemetaries in and around New Orleans. Then we have kept copies of back issues of the VC Magazine that we have produced. There are some great articles, reviews, and interviews in them, still great reading. These are in zip files that you can also download to your computer.

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Injury and Bio Energy: I am sure all of you have experienced a serious injury that required special health care and some sort of special attention such as a surgery that limited you physically for a while in some way. I recently have experienced surgery for a severe injury that required removing torn tissue in my knee.

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This Site has just gone up, lots of work went into building this Site, and transferring and uploading files. I hope that you will enjoy the Site and find it useful and informative. I had the web community in mind when I put this Site together, I almost did not do the work, but this group has been online a long time (going on it's 20th year).

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I am writing about how my personal life has changed this past year. I left the modern urban world as I knew it this time last year. I was working in the workplace doing 60 hours a week for a company that was draining me of energy faster than I could replace it. It was all about saving my life when I left that job and went to live in a cabin in the woods.