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Vampirism and Relationships

Written by Damien Daville

In our relationships with people in our workplace, real vampires usually defer disclosing any indication of their vampirism. In this class of relationships is there the least possibility for any successful relationships with the knowledge of their vampirism. Adding the fear of maybe losing positions of employment if this knowledge is shared is an important factor in any sharing of anyone's vampirism in the workplace. Vampires are often than not concerned with sharing any information about vampirism, considering precautions most make with other kinds of information such as political stands, and other positions on controversial subjects such as homosexuality, abortion, and other social issues that often contribute to intense debate.

Relationships with friends are some of the most important relationships people have and vampires often suffer in this area as they are discouraged from sharing that element of themselves for fear of losing already established friendships and maybe not gaining them at all. This can contribute to why many vampires have very few friendships, and the ones they do have are close and important. Then there are the relationships people make that are intimate and sexual in nature. Vampires are very sensitive people to the energy of others, and so are easily affected by the emotions of others that are present in these relationships. This in part can hinder the success of these intimate relationships with mates. Vampires just like the gay and lesbian community have an added strike against them in forming successful intimate relationships. Vampirism has it's needs in the energy that vampires especially need from people, and this need is often present in the intimate relationships that vampires have with people, Working this need out in successful close relationships is often not only difficult but often just does not happen, considering the hurdle vampires have to overcome because of who they are.

Relationships are a difficult experience that vampires have making with other people. It often requires extra effort and often in large part relationships are not successful nor satisfying for vampires. Relationships continue to be one of the most important problems vampires face in their ability to have happy and satisfying lives. It does not get any better as time goes on in the spectre of constant Hollywood movies on vampires being released. We can only hope that thru groups and organizations that have as their purpose to help educationally, that misconceptions continue to be pointed out and information on real vampirism continues to be shared. people from all sections of life yearn to live happy lives, vampires are no different.

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