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Vampirism & Magick

Written by LA Judge


Vampires need it.
Magick uses it.

So what is the difference and what is the big deal?

The difference is between need, use and choice. Vampires need energy. They have no choice in the matter. Wiccans / Pagans use energy and they have every choice in how it is used and applied.

Vampires are born. It is not a choice. If you are vampire, you are born needing the additional energies. The need for this manifests as you mature and usually becomes pronouncedly noticeable around the age of puberty. Vampires have no choice and need the energy to remain healthy. For Vampires it is physical need. Without the energies they take from living and natural sources, vampires have a diminished quality of life.

Wicca / Paganism and the practice of Magick are religious choices. In fact, ALL religions use energy in some means. Religion uses energy to heal, promote good feelings and sometimes even to curse. But religious practitioners have a choice. They do not become ill and they can sometimes experience energy outside of physical realm.

So why the confusion between Vampirism and Magick?

The confusion arises because vampires use many of the same techniques used by magick and religious practitioners to raise energy. Both use human and natural sources as a means of raising the same types of energies. The thing to remember here is, while they may start off back to back, they walk miles in opposite directions.

Most religions use a variety of elemental energies to create a sacred space. Candles, water, plants, sounds, smells, and more are used to transform the energy and change it into something more stable and useable. Vampires too use this technique. They use elemental energy in small amounts (such as a candle or wind chime) to transform and quiet chaotic energies into something they can use.

Additionally both use many of the same energy raising techniques. Energy can be raised thru the physical interaction with others (Psi), music (Psi & Elemental) talking, chanting or praying together (Empathic / Psi) as well as from major elemental sources (wind, water, fire, earth). However, here is where the similarities end.

Magick / religion takes a leap of faith. Practitioners take the raised (charged) energy and release it to work their will. Doing so requires faith – a belief that the charged energy can and will do their bidding.

Vampirism requires no faith. Vampires deal in the cold hard physical world. They use the raised energy and “digest “it to keep themselves healthy, functional and balanced. Vampires are connected to the very physical properties of energy actions / interactions. For vampires there is no magick – no releasing of energy to do a bidding. Vampires must interact as part of the physical energy exchange in order for them to gain the energy they need. There is no metaphysical – no faith.

Why are vampires attracted to the Wicca / Pagan religions?

While all religions deal with energy, the Wicca / Pagan religions deals with it most directly. There is no secret to the fact that Paganism raises and alters energy. It is that direct approach to energy raising and transforming techniques, which many real vampires find appealing within the Wicca / Pagan religions.

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