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Written by Damien Daville

How do we stay healthy with our vampirism? All vampires need bio energy and it is this energy that keeps us well and strong. I know that I have easily experienced low levels of my energy within a day of little energy access. Feeling everything from lethargy to mental weakness, I know I stay motivated to replinish the energy loss I experience and to defend what I have against those who would take it. It is up to us to be motivated to maintain our energy levels at a place that keeps us strong and alert.

All people are different in the kind and amount of the energy we look for. Most psychic vamps find that using the mental and emotional energies of others is almost a daily experience. Blood feeders have the added boast of a more direct and dense kind of energy that is quickly satisfying and usually longer lasting. And the pranic and life energies such as that in sex are also quick to satisfy for some duration. As energy feeders we are constantly preying on that energy of others to replinish our levels, and combining energy sources has been known to bring the energy levels quickly back at that level that is unique to other people.

Just as quickly as our energy needs are met, so is disposing of the excess energy that we do not need, for it is the right balance of this energy that we strive for. So in maintaining this energy fulfillment we must be aware of our needs and the presence of donors and energy sources that will keep ourselves as vamps in great health. Many of us have some abilities to successfully gain psychic energy, to minipulate the mental and emotional prowess of others for our needs and benefit. And some have varying levels of empathic ability although amounts vary, to successfully probe and reach for that mental and emotional energy that keep us well. We as energy feeders are predators and so must use our available abilities to seek the energy we so need.

Just as we seek the energy that we need, there will be some forces that will affect our abilities to recieve it and defend it. I know that in my own experience, the more alcohol I consume, so will there be less ability to minipulate and focus on the behavior of those we seek and thus affect our ability to successfully feed on the energies we seek. Some other factors I know which have an affect have been lack of sleep, prescription drugs, the food we eat to the affect of the stages of the moon. We usually have keener senses and it is these senses that we so depend on that can be affected thus determining the success of our energy levels as well as are ability to defend ourselves against the unwanted energy probes of other vamps.

As predators of the energy of the people around us, we must be aware of these things that can affect our abilities to take the energy we will need and defend that which we already have. For us to ensure our own health, we must be able to use our abilities and minipulate our environment for it is this energy level within us that we must maintain to keep the strength of this life. We are unique with this extra demand on us and so must be aware of its needs.

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