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Vampirism Basics

Written by LA Judge

Vampirism is one of those things that seems to be forever shrouded in myth and wrapped in mystery. All too often even real vampires are confused by the lack of information defining real vampirism. This article's intent is to serve as a basic informational quick sourcebook on real vampirism. Here you will find definitions of vampirism, various energy types & sources, commonly asked questions and a little myth-busting.


A physiological condition in which the affected individual is lacking or has severally impaired the ability to produce the living energies (prana or chi) needed to sustain a normal healthy life. While most humans have the natural ability to sense living energy in some fashion, it is living energy NEED that defines vampirism.


A person born with the physiological condition of vampirism. Vampires cannot be "sired", "turned" or "created". There is no vampire virus. You cannot "catch" vampirism. Also, there is no such thing as being "part" vampire. Either you have the condition or you do not. Although there are degrees of severity, there is no such thing as halfway.

Vampire Types

Although you will hear of many vampires defining themselves by their energy source preferences - there really is only one type of vampire - the type that needs living energy. Everything else is an energy source preference difference based on bodily needs and / or personal preference.

The difference between energy types and energy sources is one that is often confused - even by those that have years of experience in dealing with vampirism. An energy type defines a physical component of the energy, a part of which can be established via the fundamentals of physics. An energy source defines just that - the source of the living energy. Since physics is the language of energy, anyone dealing with energy should familiarize themselves with the basics of that language. In all vampiric energy exchanges and interactions, there MUST be a physically interactive component for the energy exchange to take place.

Neutral Energy Living energy that has a neutral charge. Most sources of neutral energy are those of natural earth origins. I.e. air - water - fire - earth, the four traditional earth elements, and plants. Nature just "is". It does not have the ability to color energy with an emotional charge. Living energy from a natural or vegetative source is always neutral, regardless of the intensity. Energy from other living sources (humans, animals, etc.) maybe neutral, but often has an emotional charge. Most vampires can take Elemental energies and many use them to balance the living energy taken from other sources.

Positive Energy

Living energy that has a positive alignment. This energy is uplifting and comes from the calmer emotions and interactions. Positive energy may be gained via a number of methods from human & animal sources. This is the type of energy that is useful to the majority of vampires.

Energy from harsher emotional & interactive sources (conflict - pain – etc). To most vampires this type of energy is overwhelming and completely unusable. They are consumed by too much negative energy and it may cause them pain. Negative energy also originates with human & animal sources.

Chaotic Energy

Energy in which there is no discernable energy pattern. While it is true that even in chaos there is predictability, this type of energy is useless to all but an extremely few vampires. Chaotic energy leaves the affected vampire feeling scattered or disconnected.

While energy types are basic, there are an infinite number of sources. What works for one, may be unusable by another. As with all things dealing with physics, there must be a physical component to the interaction or exchange. Since vampirism deals with an energy exchange, a physical action must be present before there can be an energy interaction / exchange. Expect for Elemental sources, energy source defines the way the energy is absorbed.

Elemental Energy

Natural earth energies; living energy that has earth, air, fire, water or vegetation as its source. Examples of Elemental energy are wind, trees, the sun, oceans & streams, etc. Elemental energies may vary in intensity but are always neutral and hence easily absorbed. This type of living energy is accessible to all but a very few vampires.

Psi / Psy Energy

Living energy taken from living sources via psychic means. This type of energy can be taken from crowds or groups of people, as well as individuals and animals. Psi energy is a type of ambient energy that is freely given-off. This type of energy is sometimes described as “vibe” that is attributed to certain location or event. The majority of vampires can take Psi energy in some form.

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