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Deconstructing the Vampire Myth

Written by Starcaster

Vampirism; it is a word that is often met with misconceptions, lack of understanding, and some fear. People tend to not believe that vampirism exists. Rather they believe we are delusional and live in a fantasy world. I have even had it put to me that the reason why my symptoms decrease is due to the power of suggestion. Due to this response I put it to the test. I went eight hours without feeding and each time a symptom would present itself I would tell myself that it was not happening. I refused to think about feeding and kept myself busy so I would not think about feeding in order to attempt to see if this was the case. However, my symptoms persisted. They became worse and I finally gave in and went and fed. Others who know and believe that this condition exists are angry, hostile, and at times violent towards us. They believe that we are taking something that does not belong to us and view us as a threat. They label us as parasites, people with low standards, and leeches. The truth of the matter is that we are none of those things. My thought is that we are no more of a parasite than the next person. It is like I once said how are we the only parasites on the earth? Humans consume much space and resources so how is it that everyone isn’t a parasite rather only vampires are because we consume something naturally made and released into the atmosphere? We eat, breathe, and have emotions just like any normal human. The only difference is that we need to consume energy to maintain our physical and subtle body’s health because we do not make enough energy. Vampires are also people with high standards. At least the ones that I know have high standards. We do not feed from just anyone. Some people that we do not feed from are children, elderly, mentally ill, and physically ill people. Also the donors are consenting meaning that they know what we are doing and have consented to it. Most of us do not just take. Others are more accepting of us. They do not see us as anything different than human. They do not judge us because of our need. Rather they accept that we are termed as vampiric and they gain knowledge about the vampirism so they may understand better what we do to maintain our health. They become our best friends, our confidants, and sometimes our donors and our lovers. Our body does not

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This Site has just gone up, lots of work went into building this Site, and transferring and uploading files. I hope that you will enjoy the Site and find it useful and informative. I had the web community in mind when I put this Site together, I almost did not do the work, but this group has been online a long time (going on it's 20th year).

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