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Vampire Fiction: Friend or Foe

Written by Amanda Johnstone

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the myth of Vampirism and whether or not it is a good or bad thing in relation to Real Vampirism. I know many vampires out there have difficulty dealing with the popularity of the mythical vampire and the misconceptions that fiction perpetuates. We have so many people coming to us with the pre-conceived notion that we will be able to turn them into vampires, that they will live forever and have amazing supernatural powers. I admit that this can get a little annoying especially around October when Halloween season is in full swing and interest in things that are dark and spooky seem to “in”.

So how do we deal with this, do we get mad, and tell these little wannabe vampires to wrack off, or do we try to explain to them what real vampirism is? Personally, I try to explain to them what real vampirism is, although I know that after a while this gets tedious and rather frustrating. However I find that most of the little wannabes will be interested in hearing the truth, even if they do continue on their path looking for a ‘creature of the night’ to turn them and make all their problems go away.

For now lets step away from reality for just a second and explore the fictional vampire.

Why is it that these creatures are so popular? I believe it is because they are a human monster. These stories make us uncomfortable because they are a reflection of who we could be if we weren’t bound by human ethics. For some that lack of ethical boundaries seems to be appealing. However, how many vampires stories are there out there about happy vampires? Not very many, because most “vampires” struggle with the human morals that have become ingrained within them and are unable to dismiss them as easily as we might think they would be able to.

So coming back to reality, if there is so much sadness and struggle within a fictional vampires life, why do so many people want to become one? Especially these days where there seems to be more and more interest in vampirism? Why would anyone want a life filled with ethical and moral turmoil, a life where you get to sit back and watch everything change and die around you while you stay still and stagnant? Do they really believe that being made immortal will rid them of ethical responsibility, could there really be that many people out there who believe they would be able to kill indiscriminately?

Real vampirism, has its own set of ethical problems. Who is it ok to feed from? What is ok and what is not? One thing is for sure, we all know we are very much human and mortal. However we face persecution from all sides. Those who believe us to be evil, both within the Christian and non-Christian communities, we get called leeches and all sorts of other horrible names. How do we quell this tide of savagery?

For my part, I say education and information. It is the key to understanding. Whenever people approach us, try to explain to them the truth, we are human, we are mortal, we have an energy condition. Avoid the ‘v’ (vampire) word and the ‘f’ (feed) word wherever possible, and be patient with those who are willing to listen to you because they will tell other people as well and the truth will spread, just as the myths have done.

Use vampire fiction to suit your ends. Whenever you see a vampire story or movie, mention to your friends that you wish ‘real’ vampires could do that, and use the story as a jumping ground to educate more people. Whether or not vampire fiction is going to be your tool and your friend is up to you. It is only the enemy if you let it be.

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