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Understanding Vampirism

Written by Damien Daville

Vampirism is both a state of being and a life path not a choice, and is then based on both need and ability. True vampires have energy needs unlike most humans and the ability to utilize that energy for health. A vampire's energy needs range from the pranic or dense form such as that found in blood and sex, to psychic/empathic energy found in the emotions and mental energies, to the environment such as the energy of storms. While these are all sources of energy for the true vampire, one or more may be used. Vampirism is with a person when born and so one must awaken to it or recognize it in the life ahead. All true vamps have their own time line in their awakening and the development of any abilities. Some vamps know of their energy needs early in life and some later.

One of the typical myths of the film industry is to become a vamp by a "bite" or this "blood transfer". That is, one cannot be made a vampire by way of being "embraced", or "turned" or "made". Blood is energy for the energy feeder. Blood contains many compounds and easily will make anyone to vomit when ingested too much. All vampires who are energy feeders of blood have their own levels of need and tolerance. The film industry and the media cause enough problems for us by what is published and seen. True vampires find they fight the mentality that so many have of them because of the movies and books made. Most vampires have a sensitivity to sunlight, but that does not exclude them from being in it. Sunglasses and covering up usually are sufficient.

It is important to understand that a vampire's health is directly related to the availability of these energy sources. One can easily feel weak, lethargic, and suffer from headaches and depression if not able to access the energy sources needed. There is no giving up who you are in this life of vampirism. Understanding vampirism is knowing about the true needs of vampires and how these needs relate to health. Many vampires struggle to attain the energy sources sought. It is a life of pursuit and one of health and one not easily understood by most. There is much misconception and harassmen by those who would push their own morality and dogma upon us. Understanding who we are is our path to enlightenment..

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