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Sanguine Vampirism and it's problems

Written by Demonica Georges

I have found that a minority of real vampires are sanguine vampires or vampires who have a donor for blood energy at any given time. I have been a sanguine vampire although I am not one now, and I have experienced the problems and great energy that comes from the vampire donor experience.

One of the reasons that make sanguine vampirism so rare or in the minority is the difficulty a vampire has in acquiring a willing donor. A vampire has to first find a person who will even accept a relationship that requires him/her to be a donor of blood. I tend to think of this sort of relationship as a close intimate one to have with someone. It is like a sexual relationship which for most is considered a close and intimate experience that requires trust and confidence. A vampire has to have someone who is willing to give their blood in small amounts and one can imagine asking someone to do this or convincing someone and the task and difficulty of doing that successfully. Not many would even consider giving you their blood without questioning your sanity or mental health. It is like asking for sex without the misconceptions and disbelief associated with it.

If and when a vampire is able to acquire a willing donor, someone willing to cut themselves for you, then you and your donor have to address safety issues. A vampire would be smart to ask for a blood and lab workup for poisons, viruses, and other pollutants in the blood. We know just how much HIV from blood can kill which makes this even more important to the vampire. Then there is the questionnaire about diet, drinking habits, drug use and history. A diet high in fat can add lipid pollutants to the blood. Alcohol is also a pollutant that lowers the quality of the blood energy by adding high amounts of triglcerides. Drug use can really lower the quality of blood, weather it be from illegal drugs or prescription drug use. These substances can stay in the blood for some time and pass with the blood.

Being a sanguine vampire means that one has to be conscious of the quality of the blood which can be degraded by pollutants. A vampire also has to be careful to have safe blood exchange. One cannot "bite" another's skin or mouth without risk of infection. This also goes for cutting the skin with non sterile knives or needles. The safe thing to do for safe blood exchange is to use sterile tools such as lancets or sharp knives that you know are sterilized beyond doubt and cutting as little as possible of the skin of your donor by cutting areas where veins are easy to get to and rotating where you cut to avoid too much bruising or scaring of tissue.

Sometimes relationships between donors and sanguine vampires do not go well. I think it is important for others to understand that this kind of relationship takes a lot of work and effort for it to succeed without major problems. Misunderstandings can be more commonplace and lead to friction. There is a need and give exchange here that just adds on to the common problems of just having a relationship. I know that there were times I had to consider my donor's moods and willingness to give to me, and therefore sometimes I had to be patient and wait. As sanguine vampires, we have be understanding of our donor's needs and try and not be too demanding, after all donors are there for us. Abuse of that relationship can happen with too much demand without consideration of the needs and willingness of our donors, even leading to threats to control that relationship. I know with me, my donor was also my lover, and blood exchange has always been an intimate experience for me. A donor-vampire relationship just adds to the possibilities for problems by adding another ingredient to the already common problems that come from relationships that can and do occur between people. Support groups are needed for the few vampire-donor relationships that exist that already face an uphill chance for success.

I hope that the things I have gone over in this article will help the reader to better understand the difficulties and complexities associated with the life of a sanguine vampire. There are Organizations such as the Vampire Church and others that can help answer questions and give out more information about this subject. Quality and safety are real important factors here. Your health is at risk. Having a sanguine relationship with another person can be the best energy source a vampire can have. Understanding the hazards will help keep you well and safe.

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