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Safe Prana Blood Energy Use

Written by Damien Daville

First I will say that I consider a donor of prana energies a person that I have an intimate relationship with that will be long term. This is an important thing to me as I consider prana energies such as that contained in blood part of an intimate relationship that must be built on trust. And that is something best achieved thru a long term intimate relationship. Considering safety and health are important factors is part of that necessary trust and so is best achieved with someone you are very close to in a long term relationship. I currently do not have such a relationship with a willing donor of prana energies, however I have had successful and very satisfying ones in the past.

As I have said SAFETY and HEALTH are the two important factors here. So when I did extract blood from my donor, I used a lancet. Couple reasons here for this are 1) as I said for saftey, lancets are sterile and that is important, and 2) any person using the energy of blood should know that you only need a small amount at a time for your bio energy needs, and to me this would be enough to fill a small spoon. Blood is also an emetic, that is it easily will lead to vomiting if ingested too much at a time. I keep on hand cotton swabs, peroxide and a bandade to dress any break in the skin. remember, any cut is open to any bacteria present. So my method is to squeeze the skin after using the lancet and getting drops on a spoon which I use. Only thing that comes in contact with my donors skin is the lancet and my hands which were washed beforehand.

For my above methods, the blood does not have much time to get cold and I do not waste time with cups or adding anything to the blood, again I am just taking enough to fill a spoon, and for any adult, that should be enough for the occasion. Anymore than this invites negative stomach reaction to the blood because of its properties. I will never allow my mouth to come into contact with any cut on my donor for saftey reasons, the mouth contains bacteria which could easily introduce bacteria and possible infection to your donor. The only thing that touches my donor is the lancet and my hands which were washed beforehand. As for preferred spots, I am conscious that I want to use an area that will be the best for easy blood removal. From my experience, any body extremities such as the upper legs and arms work well for this, however if so inclined I have tried the neck area as well.

And finally for me, safety is important for both me and my donor. So after creating a small wound in the skin, I use peroxide and then a small bandade after I have extracted the blood to dress the skin area. Not enough can be said about this. NEVER does my mouth or any nonsterile items ever come into contact with creating a wound on my donors skin. And lastly, I view blood drinking from my donor an intimate act which I like to combine with other bio energies such as that which comes with sexual play and along with that any ambient empathic energies. For me over the years, combining prana and empathic energies gives me the best energy coctail that I have ever had, and doing this with someone who is an intimate partner enables that. In past relationshps, getting prana from blood and sex with resulting empathic energies has led to the best bio energy feed for me. In my opinion, there is nothing that can replace it. For almost 40 years (I am 55 now) have I enjoyed the prana energies in blood with that of sex from a person whom I have an intimate relationship. Drinking blood is for me an intimate thing with a person

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