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Written by Damien Daville

Safe handling and use of the energy in blood is an impotant problem. How do we handle the availability of blood energy that we may have in a healthy way? Some of us have access to a donor of blood energy and we must all take care in how we handle it. First most of us do not even require or need the blood energy. For those that do, consuming too much of the blood energy is not good for you. It takes small amounts to satisfy our needs for blood energy.

You can use a lancet device or some other stainless steel device with perhaps peroxide for sterialization and then make small incisions somewhere on the body. This is one way to approach safe blood exchange. Amounts vary. For all it does not take much, People just need just a few drops every so often. Others say a little more of it and more often. Never put your mouth over a donor's wound, take the blood in a sterile spoon or lancet from the wound. The problem here is preventing the passage of infection from the mouth to another and making sure a wound is dressed properly when done.

If there is an open wound in the mouth, don't ingest anothers blood. This is a good guide to go by. Your stomach acid will kill most things, but there is always a risk in anything, so great care should be taken here. There are too many ills that blood can give, most notably Aids and hepatitis, which has killed too many. The virus scurge is among us and we must take care or we would be fools like so many. Know your donor's health history and diet history. Does your donor take prescription drugs and/or drink alcoholic beverages. All of these things will affect your health when ingesting the blood of a donor.

Blood exchange is indeed a sensual experience between two consenting donors. It has always been so in my experience and I believe most will enjoy it much more this way. Love is important in most safe blood play for many and in order to accept another's blood. Then there is combining the blood energy with other energy sources such as the life force or pranic energy from sex, and even with empathic energy, makes for a great energy transfer.

People with vampirism have unique abilities, empathy and magic being among the strongest. The blood, the life force we use is the energy within it. Through the years, many people with vampirism learned to maintain the energy need. Yes we drink of the blood of others but do not have to have it for life and some do not care for it at all. By ingesting to much blood, one could get throat infections, and also become very nauseated. Consuming large amounts of blood, could cause you to become sick and vomit because blood is a natural emetic. Each person is different on the amounts they can consume.

A strong and well learned psychic vampire has a unique advantage over a blood energy vampire in that they can take an unlimited supply of energy at one sitting without any real harm in most instances. All vampires have some psychic ability to a degree, they use their mind and body energies to manipulate the life energy they absorb from others to fill the energy deficit that they have. This often includes using the emotional energy to gain the energy needs of life.

Most vampires have these abilities, so they could all be referred to as psychic vampires to some extent as few actually drink blood and those that do seem to psionically absorb the life force and energy within the blood. psychic vampires seem to become a little more energised by draining/contact, but they experience none of the benefits of the energy of blood or sickness as well. Take life force enegy and be safe about it.

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