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"Real" Vampires

Written by LA Judge


Ugh - how I hate that phrase. It conjures images of gothy mall kids with too much black eyeliner hanging out in the shadows and claiming they "only" shop at Hot Topics.

The truth is no one is a "REAL" vampire. No one only lives on human blood. No one is 400 years old. No one will explode or burn to a crisp in sunlight. No one was born with "vampire fangs". What is true is that there are people affected with vampirism.

Vampirism is a very real human energy condition where the body of the affected person does not naturally make enough living energy or "chi" for the person to function in a healthy, energetic way. As a result of lower energy, the affected person is constantly fatigued, has a lower functioning immune system, may constantly have a low grade headache and be extremely affected other energy systems they encounter. Vampirism is a condition with which the person is born. It is not a disease and cannot be caught or spread by any means. No one can be "made" a vampire. Real vampirism is not a religion.

Humans naturally have energy fields or auras. We constantly exchange and interact with the energy fields of those around us. While everyone is capable and able to give, take and receive energy not everyone has opened themselves to that understanding or uses their natural abilities. Human energy fields are affected in an almost infinite number of ways. A person can be happy, sleepy, depressed, angry, in love, dying, frustrated, ill, bored, etc., etc. In most cases, a person can give or take energy to change or affect the way that their own personal energy is currently shifted. For instance: Having trouble focusing at work because you are just so giddy about your new love? Try taking some energy from someone that is a bit depressed or feeling bored. Your focus will improve in moments. Have a nasty cold that you just cannot seem to shake? Get out into nature. Take some of the healing energy of the sun and some green plant energy. Feeling depressed? Go somewhere fun and sample the enlightened crowd energy. Understand that taking or giving energy is natural and human. Using human energy is not something unique to those affected with vampirism.

So what makes a vampire a vampire? It is the lack of energy, not the ability to take. receive, or give energy. Persons affected with vampirism need additional living energy to function well and live a more healthy lifestyle. Going through life constantly fatigued is plainly just not fun. For someone affected with vampirism adding that daily energy boost is like having a cup of coffee. It helps energize them and helps them focus.

So where do people affected with vampirism get the additional needed living energies? Almost everywhere. While human to human energy is the best, living bio energy can be found naturally in the world around us. Running water, living plants and trees, the warmth of the sun, the ocean waves, a pleasant breeze, a thunderstorm and much more. The world is filled with endless ways in which it is filled with living energy.

The next time someone tells you that you are not a "real vampire" just kind of nod and agree and complement them on their new "Twilight" t-shirt. Then figure you are lucky, because you probably do not want to be that kind of "vampire".

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