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Psychological Disorders and Vampirism

Written by Damien Daville

This subject has been talked about in many groups and forums on the internet and also in meetings offline. The main psychological disorders I refer to include anxiety disease with panic attacks, bi- polar disorder, depression, and ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There are also some manic manifestations of these that can worsen the problem. Many people have speculated about the relationship of these disorders with vampirism. As we know vampirism is a physiological condition, whereby a person finds that there is a deficit for the life giving energies not associated with the needs of food or water. In vampirism, one needs to find these energies in ambient forms from people, animals, and the environment for wellness. The question here is, what is the relationship between such psychological disorders and real vampirism?

It has been from my experience and study that the propensity to develop vampirism is something you are born with which then may or may not manifest itself depending on environmental factors which may bring it out. Stressful experiences have the effect of bringing out what "ails" a person, or the weaknesses a person may have. With the psychological disorders I have mentioned, there exists a genetic propensity at birth to develop any one of them in your life based on environmental influences. Some studies show that there is a physical basis for these disorders in the brain of the individual. Chemical imbalances within the brain are thought to contribute to these disorders. Add stress to this mix along with other environmental factors, and these disorders then are encouraged to manifest themselves.

So, with vampirism and these psychological disorders, there exists at birth the propensity to develop them sometime in life as environmental factors affect us. They both have a physiological basis for their manifestation, and they can both be manipulated by what happens in our environment. The key here is that they exist independently of each other, that is, vampirism no more causes these psychological disorders as they can cause vampirism, but each can exasperate the other if both are present. In causing the other to become worse in affect and state, they can have a big impact on each other. Since vampirism and these psychological disorders are both physical conditions, they can prey, hurt the other, or cause the other to worsen in a person if strategies are not employed to address the problems and needs of each.

We have here physical conditions that exist independently of each other but can cause problems for each other if conditions are such that the needs of each are taken care or of not addressed. Just as we use psychological medications to address the problems of these disorders, vampires must access life-giving energies to address its problems. The important factor here is that one does not lead to or necessitate the other, and having any psychological disorder does not mean it can cause vampirism. The mental gloom and doom that exists with these disorders has nothing to do with vampirism. They are both independent conditions that if left untreated can exasperate any other weaknesses that may be present. Vampirism can weaken the person as can any psychological disorder and so cause the other to be in a worse state. The important matter to realize is that both physical conditions exist independently of the other and arise independently.

While studies have been done on both, and we know that both have a physiological basis, we must not confuse the symptoms of one with that of the other. Vampirism is about life force energy need to replace existing deficits. These psychological disorders are a result of a probable chemical imbalance that occurs within the brain between the chemical responses of nerve synapses and the chemicals produced during those interactions. Both can affect the wellbeing of the other but not create the other.

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