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Just What is the Vampire Community

Written by LA Judge

There are a few questions about the so called “vampire community” come up again and again from folks that have newly becoming aware of the size and diversity of what is perceived as modern vampirism. All seem to want to know where the senior community members see the future of the community, and with whom we have alliances. Folks also want to know how we would improve the “community” and what in general it lacks.

Personally I am never quite sure how to answer such inquires. The quirient is usually someone that is on the marginal fringe looking inward to try to better understand a “community” of which they cannot quite grasp and are seeking to find a niche where they can better fit in. Having said that, I think you first need to define what it is you are calling “modern vampirism” and the community that surrounds it.

If you are looking at vampirism as an archetype of dark culture in the modern media, then the community is transient. It fluctuates with the ebb and flow of dark / pop culture icons and their public appeal. In other words, there is no continuity so there are no alliances to win or loose. The lacking of course in this type of “vampire community” would be in depth, substance and understanding. Little Gothy boys & girls playing dress-up with blood and fake fangs may make for a good party, but go beyond the shallow surface and there is literally nothing.

Push beyond the pop culture appeal of vampirism and you get to a level of “community” that defines vampirism for the masses by means of using it to make a buck. You get a handful of authors, self proclaimed “experts”, priests and party planners, all willing to define vampirism to you as long as you are willing to pay. Likewise with their respective “communities” / followers, to stay a community member in good standing you need to keep pulling out cash for the next book, club member jewelery, level in their “church”, tickets to the show or whatever.

Unfortunately these two types of modern “vampirism” are what is seen by most and what draws folks into the so called “vampire community”. But beyond that, buried below the surface of all the flash, money and bs are a few folks that are actually affected with the bio energy condition of real vampirism. The thing is they are so few and far between that in my lifetime I have maybe only met a dozen or so others that are really affected. Do we stick together as some mysterious underground dark community? Not really. We are as diverse as you can possibly get: a computer guru, an artist, a Catholic priest, a stay at home mom, an elementary school teacher, an Army Capitan, a real cowboy, etc. Occasionally a few of us trade some energy tips, but really because if the amount of bs & crap out there with the pop / dark culture drama, most do not even want it known that they are affected with vampirism.

So as a “vampire community” what are we lacking? What alliances have we won or lost and do have any common goals “community” wide? (Sigh.) What seems to be lacking is sanity and sensibility. In an age where it is possible to live and socialize completely in the fantasy world online the so called vampire community draws the marginal fringe whack jobs from all corners of the planet. As far as alliances go, what is the point if money and pop culture are the driving forces of the “community”? For common goals, how about truth and sanity? The medical world is making huge leaps and bounds in the understanding of human bio energy and how it works. Those of us with the condition should have a level of hope, but as long as the world sees fake fangs and satin coffin liner bed sheets we just get lost in the hype and bs.

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