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How Old Are You

Written by LA Judge

Over the years one of the greatest misconceptions that I have seen made about the vampire community is one of age. Those outside looking in often make the assumption that the community is filled with young teens and twenty something’s that use the community as a means of expressing themselves in an alternative culture that steps outside the limits and norms of modern society. And while that may be true on a superficial level, the reality is the vampire community is deeply endowed with members of all ages. Here you find mothers, fathers, grandparents, and yes those teens also looking to find their way.

To those entering the community, both young and old, the age differential between supposition and reality often causes them to take pause and reexamine the mindset at which they approach the vampire community. Young people entering the community misguidedly assume that because the vampire community is an “alternative” community that there are no rules or restraints on behavior or morals. They make boisterous claims of colossal blood drinking, vampiric ancestral linage, and special vampire powers. They are shocked to learn that folks old enough be their parents do not readily believe their posturing and feel betrayed by the “community” when asked to use their brain and behave with a degree of civility.

Older folks entering the community have just as great of an adjustment. Often they have made the assumption that they will be the oldest one here and that age always equals wisdom. While they are relived to find others of their age and older, it takes a realignment of their approach to be able to accept help and advice from someone half their age. Often they are offended because of the basic stylistic approach between the various age groups.

The best approach to being a vampire community member is to be your real self and keep an open mind on all levels. Recognize that civility and decorum are always appropriate and that those of any age can be a valuable contributing member.

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