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Elemental Vampirism

Written by Sheal Mullin

The "text book" definition of an elemental vampire is a person who pulls energy from the natural earth elements such as air, earth, fire, and water. These are the basic elemental energies. There are other energies that these basic elemental energies reside in such as the natural energy sources of urban/city environments and moon cycles (earth), streams, rain and even a "desktop waterfall" (water), solar energy, heat, candles (fire), sound, smells and air pressure (air). Elemental energy is a very basic and nurturing energy. Large sources can be very powerful feeds. Smaller sources are too small to feed from but can be used to neutralize damaging energies or to balance them out.

Elemental energies are neutral by nature and have calming effects on other energies such as chaotic energies. If used correctly, for example using the method of toning down a chaotic situation by lowering the lights and changing the ambiance of the room with soothing candles, sounds and smells (incense, essential oils, etc.) help to neutralize and balance the chaotic energies so that it is not as damaging. How an elemental vampire pulls energy from the elements seems to vary from person to person. For example, there is the "osmosis" method of drawing these energies into oneself by opening up themselves and allowing the energies to flow into them. A more elaborate method would be an involved process of finding the energy lines in the element. These lines are not always "straight and narrow". They can be vortexes, swirled, and jagged lines. Once the lines are found, they are drawn and channeled into the person feeding on them.

I have been told elemental feeding feels like a good bowl of soup, since they tend to be "pure" energies it can be very warming, relaxing, and comforting. Bigger forms of elemental energies such as thunder storms and lightning can provide great, vast amounts of energy. Almost like a good cup of coffee.

As in any form of feeding, elemental vampires have their preferences of what types of energy they feed from. I have mostly found that they prefer healthy, and positive energies. There are those who do prefer the negative energies, however, it does depend on the preference of the person. When not able to feed, symptoms appear such as migraines, temperature, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, weakness, ringing in the ears, less mental alertness, and so forth.

I have found that elemental vampires do not seem to like chaotic energies or empathic energies. Again this is a preference matter as well. It seems to be an energy source that feels erratic, overwhelming and does not meet the energy needs of the elemental vampire. This coincides with the fact the elements are nurturing and soothing rather than empathic and chaotic energy being erratic and disorienting. If fed upon it seems the elemental vampire becomes what the empathic and chaotic energies are, disoriented, erratic and overwhelmed. These types of energies also seem to not meet their energy needs. Some seem to also not prefer the softer elemental energies as they seem annoying, like a "grab and miss" feed.

As for the black veil, most seem to think that common sense is more of a standard to go by and it really doesn't pertain to elemental feeding at all. I, myself, agree that it doesn't pertain to the black veil at all either for how can one ask the earth if they can feed from it - it won't answer back. However, perhaps a simple ritual of thanking the earth or other element fed from would be adopted by some. Of course this is metaphysical in nature more than pertaining to the elemental vampirism topic. To quote LA Judge "I figure we are all adults and capable of acting in a sane intelligent manner. If we treat others with common courtesy and treat each other the way we would like to be treated, then there is no issue".

In conclusion, elemental vampirism is a nurturing, soothing and balancing way of feeding that draws on the very abundant elements all around us. It is an inexhaustible source of soft and hard energies that can be found in urban and city life as well as all around our environment. It can feel like anything from a "warm soup" to a "cup of coffee" and balances out other more chaotic energies with a soothing, nurturing disposition. I have learned a lot with this article and appreciate the opportunity to better understand some of my family members here at the Vampire Church. Thank you again to those of you who answered my questions, you have made this article possible and have given me a joy to write and share it with all of you.

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