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Elemental Color & Sound

Written by LA Judge

Take two minutes and think of everything you associate with color and with sound.

Chances are you have connected some very emotional times and situations. Color and sound are power. They are pure elemental energy. When you look at something, you are seeing the reflected light waves that compose the color of what you see. You are seeing reflected light. You are seeing energy. The same works for sound, you are hearing the interaction of sound waves as they bounce off everything around them. You are hearing an energy interaction.

Sound and color have physical presence. So much so that even the deaf can feel the physical vibrations of sound and the blind can feel the difference between different colors, all via the sense of touch. Through sound and light waves, the energy of each is carried and transmitted. Sound and color are pure elemental energies.

As humans, we are constantly bombarded with color and sound. We are surrounded by their ambient energies. Sound and color can greatly affect our moods & temperaments. It is no mistake that offices play selected music to make you more productive or shopping centers play music to put you in a buying mood. Color is used this manner as well, some colors excite while others relax.

Vampires need to be aware of the constant energy input from the color and sound around them. Too much input from this type of energy can produce a kind of energy chaos. Take control of your environment. Limit the chaos by eliminating the excess noise and controlling the color choices. By controlling the ambient elemental input, you create an energy comfort zone around you. You give yourself an energy safe area in which to function. You can then use that elemental energy in many different ways.

Sound can be used as means of getting a quick elemental energy pick-up or as a means to relax. Color can do the same and both may be used as means of grounding, blocking or shielding other unwanted energies.

Sound and color are two of the most abundant simple and direct forms of elemental energy, use them to your advantage

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