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Bio Energy Vampirism (revisted)

Written by Damien Daville

The life force of things is all around you. It is present in obvious sources from the people around you to the pet cat or dog in your house. People and other living animals give all empathic or emotional energies that directly impact us and affect our wellness. Good examples range from friends and family to pets and even to the general public we come in contact with.

Then there is the life force that affects us in very direct ways. What I like to call chi or prana energy is also present in living beings such as people and animals. Examples of this life force is present in the breath of people and animals as well as fluids they have such as blood and sexual fluids. Consuming such sources has a direct impact on the life force present in yourself by adding to it. We all know that we digest what we consume, but it is the life force energy present in these fluids that has the desired impact that we seek who need it.

Everyone needs this life force or bio energy for wellness, however not everyone can produce enough of it for wellbeing, so the need to be in proximity to other people and animals is important. Life force energies are also present in non living things such as the air and weather events around you. Wind, lightning, and thunder can give off powerful life force energies that will transfer to you and often in a way that is overpowering. Too much for you to handle is as common as getting to little. Life force energy is even present within earth elements, some of the more powerful examples include fire and some kinds of stones and chrystals. Some people can benefit from the bio energies of these sources.

Your health affects your level of life force as well as your ability to get it thru sickness and injury. Being physically and mentally healthy is important to the ability to maintain a healthy lifeforce level within yourself. Not all of us have much control over that health which can be affected by our age and some injuries and sicknesses. We do have some control over our own life force thru good nutition and what we consume in diet and drugs. Our choices can help the level of our life force as much as what we can get of that from our environment.

Many kinds of these life force energies can have as much a negative impact as they can have a positive impact on you. People often give off chaotic energies in the form of conflict energy and ambient energies that have no value due to coming from unhealthy mental states and confusion. Anger emotions directed at you or another present with you is a good example. What I refer as negative life force includes this kind of energies that most people find difficult to process into something that is of benefit and adds to wellness. There are some people however that can manipulate this sort of life force energy into something that can be positive to that person's life force level, however this ability takes a knowledge of the use of energy shielding and maipulation and often uses more life force than what can be gained.

I have found what really helps in our own life force heath is the relationships we create and maintain over our lifetimes. Relationships with friends and even family help in our wellness, we do not always have much control over how these people affect us unless we are careful to nurture the postive in emotional connections. Then there are the relationships we have with people who we call our mates that are characterized as intimate where there may be prana energies exchanged such as life force found in sexual and blood energies. These may ultimately be the most imporatant and most powerful bio energies we ever find that have the most impact on our life force wellbeing. How we maintain these relationships may eventually have a more permanent affect of our heath. Life force or bio energy is a reality to people and other living things. Its existence has been shown to be true in studies done on how emapthic energies affect people by people in the scientific field. One can google information about these studies.

The people however who live with the need for this life force are energy feeders for the needed amounts of this energy. This does not make these people "parasites" nor does this mean these people impact other people in a negative way when they take life force. I have often read how people view my need for this life force energy as something that is piranha like, when the way I apply it spreadsing it over many different sources has little to no impact on the people I take from. It is a misunderstanding to view the need for life force as a negative thing, when if applied over a wide variety of sources, can help maintain the wellness of the person who needs it. Wellness and health should be a given allowance and not thought of necessarily as harmful or an earned priveledge. Maybe in time what we now know to be a true phenomenin will be better recieved and accepted more over time.

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