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Greetings. We are living through an alarming time. With much of the world on self imposed quarantine batting an invisible enemy and financial uncertainty looming, there may be some difficulties ahead for all. Do what it takes to keep yourself and those around you healthy. Yes, that may mean turning your life upside down. Right now there is no normal and after this passes the new normal will be something different. Stay strong and stay focused. This is a community of amazing resourceful individuals. Put that resourcefulness to work. Network with others in your local community. Look out for each other. Pool resources and help the elderly and those with greater need and susceptibility to the virus threat that faces us all. Take care of each other. Ultimately it will be strong local caring communities that weather this storm with the least amount of damage. Be strong. Be well.


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What is life force energy?

What is life force energy? The life force of things is all around you. It is present in obvious sources from the people around you to the pet cat or dog in your house. People and other living animals give all empathic or emotional energies that directly impact us and affect our wellness. Good examples range from friends and family to pets and even to the general public we come in contact with.

What is the Vampire Community?

There are a few questions about the so called “vampire community” come up again and again from folks that have newly becoming aware of the size and diversity of what is perceived as modern vampirism. All seem to want to know where the senior community members see the future of the community, and with whom we have alliances. Folks also want to know how we would improve the “community” and what in general it lacks.

Grounding and Centering

It happens to all of us. Young / old, weak / strong, shielded / open. Eventually we all run smack dab into a system overload of energy that we cannot use or is not our type. It leaves you feeling out of sorts, not like yourself at all. Often you end up acting out the physical manifestation of that energy leaving you feeling trapped inside your own body doing things that you would not otherwise do.

Health and Life Force Energy

How do we stay healthy with our vampirism? All vampires need bio energy and it is this energy that keeps us well and strong. I know that I have easily experienced low levels of my energy within a day of little energy access. Feeling everything from lethargy to mental weakness, I know I stay motivated to replinish the energy loss I experience and to defend what I have against those who would take it. It is up to us to be motivated to maintain our energy levels at a place that keeps us strong and alert.

Latest Blog Post

Injury and Bio Energy: I am sure all of you have experienced a serious injury that required special health care and some sort of special attention such as a surgery that limited you physically for a while in some way. I recently have experienced surgery for a severe injury that required removing torn tissue in my knee.

Latest News

This Site has just gone up, lots of work went into building this Site, and transferring and uploading files. I hope that you will enjoy the Site and find it useful and informative. I had the web community in mind when I put this Site together, I almost did not do the work, but this group has been online a long time (going on it's 20th year).

Latest Article

I am writing about how my personal life has changed this past year. I left the modern urban world as I knew it this time last year. I was working in the workplace doing 60 hours a week for a company that was draining me of energy faster than I could replace it. It was all about saving my life when I left that job and went to live in a cabin in the woods.